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What is Expected of Mentors?

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Mentoring partners have expectations for each other. The better those expectations are understood, the more likely the mentoring journey will be successful. 

  1. Honors confidentiality - Confidentiality is the cornerstone of a mentoring relationship. Nothing can be shared outside of the meeting unless permission is obtained to do so. You can write private messages by going into a current Mentorship and clicking on the Messages tab – other mentors and mentees can’t see these interactions.
  1. Roles - Mentors are there to guide their mentees and provide support. Mentors should try to withhold judgement and keep an open mind. They offer feedback and advice if the mentee requests it.
    A mentor encourages and supports their mentee, believing in them and what they can achieve. They may also be willing to open up their network to their mentee. Since mentors usually have experience in the same field as their mentee, they can provide useful real life experiences and observations. 
  1. Commits to the process - Both mentors and mentees are expected to come to meetings prepared, on time, and committed to the process. Unless it’s an emergency, don’t change or cancel meetings. 
  1. Honest - Mentors are expected to be open, honest and authentic. They commit the time required to build a relationship with their mentee. They give mentees honest feedback and are open to receiving constructive feedback from them. 

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How to End the Mentoring Journey with Your Mentor

You and your mentor will have acknowledged that your next meeting will be your last.
2 mins

You and your mentor will have acknowledged that your next meeting will be your last. Here’s how to prepare for your last meeting. 

1. Prepare for your final meeting

  • Set aside some time to reflect on what you have achieved so far. What have you learned? Did the journey meet your expectations? What would you do differently? 
  • Go through the goals you set. Were they achieved? 
  • Make notes on what you would like to discuss during your final meeting. Is there advice you would like?
  • What would you like to thank your mentor for? 
  • Would you like to be a mentor in the future?

2. Your final meeting

  • Now is the time to celebrate your journey together. If possible, make it special by choosing a different place to meet, such as for lunch in a nice restaurant. You can choose a location to meet and enter it under Sessions. Simply select Schedule and go to Session Location and select Physical Location. You can type in the address within the Location details text box. 
  • Reflect on what you have achieved so far and celebrate your successes. Share what you learned and how you have grown.
  • If you did not achieve all your goals, discuss your plans going forward. 
  • Share with your mentor what you felt was effective and where their mentoring could be improved.

3. What’s next?

  • Your formal mentoring journey is over, but you both may decide to remain in contact. If so, how will you stay in touch? 
  • Appreciate your mentor. Thank them for what they have done for you.

Don’t let your mentoring journey fizzle out without formally concluding it. When a mentoring journey ends well it adds to the overall positive experience.